Term dates

OpenTues 3 SeptemberWed 8 JanuaryMon 20 April
Close half termFri 25 OctoberFri 14 FebruaryFri 22 May
OpenMon 4 NovemberMon 24 FebruaryMon 1 June
End of termThu 19 DecemberFri 3 AprilFri 17 July

OpenWed 9 SeptemberWed 6 JanuaryTues 13 April
Close half termFri 23 OctoberFri 12 FebruaryFri 28 May
OpenMon 2 NovemberMon 22 FebruaryMon 7 June
End of termThurs 17 DecemberFri 26 MarchFri 23 July

Closed for bank holidays:

– Monday 3rd May 2021

Staff training days – School closed to pupils

Teacher Training Day – Monday 7th September 2020

Teacher Training Day – Tuesday 8th September 2020

Teacher Training Day – Friday 18th December 2020

Teacher Training Day – Monday 4th January 2021

Teacher Training Day – Tuesday 5th January 2021

Teacher Training Day – Monday 12th April 2021

Teacher Training Day – Monday 26th July 2021

'All school trips are amazing, especially Robinwood.'

Pupil testimonials

‘I’ve really enjoyed the hard work we have been given in maths.’

Pupil testimonials

‘Maths is my favourite subject because I enjoy the challenges we are set.'

Pupil testimonials

‘I’ve enjoyed all the learning I’ve done in school and I’ve made lots of brilliant friends.'

Pupil testimonials

‘started here in Year 5 and I’ve enjoyed everything at Rokeby Park Primary – it’s the best.'

Pupil testimonials

‘I love English because it brings my imagination to life'

Pupil testimonials

‘My best memory was when it was Rokeby's got talent and at the end the teachers all got up and danced'

Pupil testimonials

‘Being here for 5 years (almost my whole life) makes me feel special its almost like home'

Pupil testimonials