School Uniform

The school’s policy is that all pupils must wear school uniform and have appropriate PE kit (please see below for uniform and PE kit details).

Uniform can be ordered direct from our supplier:

• Sweatshirts from £10.50
• Cardigans from £12.00
• Polo Shirts from £7
• Bookbags – £6.50

Sandshoes are still available for purchase from the school for £3.50.

Pupils must change into sandshoes when in school.

We ask that all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name to avoid any confusion and loss.

Rokeby Park Primary School uniform options are:


• Black/grey pinafore dress, skirt or trousers
• White or royal blue polo shirt
• Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan


• Blue and white checked or striped dress
• Black/grey pinafore dress, skirt, trousers or shorts
• White or royal blue polo shirt
• Royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan

Please note that tracksuit bottoms and jeans are not part of our school uniform.

Sandshoes must be worn throughout the year as part of school uniform.

Indoor PE Kit

• White t-shirt
• Black shorts
• Sandshoes

Outdoor PE Kit

• White t-shirt
• Black shorts
• Black sweatshirt
• Black jogging bottoms and trainers

In the interest of safety, we request that children do not wear jewellery in school. If a child has recently pierced ears and they are unable to remove their earrings, they should wear plain studs only and these must be taped over during PE lessons.

Rings should not be worn as they can cause injury on the playground.

Children may wear watches but must accept responsibility for looking after them.

‘started here in Year 5 and I’ve enjoyed everything at Rokeby Park Primary – it’s the best.’

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‘My best memory was when it was Rokeby’s got talent and at the end the teachers all got up and danced’

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‘Maths is my favourite subject because I enjoy the challenges we are set.’

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‘I love English because it brings my imagination to life’

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‘I’ve enjoyed all the learning I’ve done in school and I’ve made lots of brilliant friends.’

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‘I’ve really enjoyed the hard work we have been given in maths.’

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‘All school trips are amazing, especially Robinwood.’

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‘Being here for 5 years (almost my whole life) makes me feel special its almost like home’

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