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Our School Council

Every year all the pupils in our school vote to elect members of our School Council.

These elected pupils have the responsibility of representing the views and interests of all the pupils in the school.

The School Council meet on a regular basis and feedback the ideas put forward by members of their classes.  The members of the School Council also regularly meet with some of the staff in the school to discuss ideas such as the Head Teacher, School Business Manager and the School Cook.

The School Council are also involved in the organisation of school events such as Rokeby’s Got Talent, the MacMillan Coffee Morning and other fundraising events.

School Council members have the responsibility of giving feedback to the other pupils in their class after each meeting.

‘All school trips are amazing, especially Robinwood.’

Pupil testimonials

‘I’ve really enjoyed the hard work we have been given in maths.’

Pupil testimonials

‘Maths is my favourite subject because I enjoy the challenges we are set.’

Pupil testimonials

‘I’ve enjoyed all the learning I’ve done in school and I’ve made lots of brilliant friends.’

Pupil testimonials

‘started here in Year 5 and I’ve enjoyed everything at Rokeby Park Primary – it’s the best.’

Pupil testimonials