Good attendance and punctuality at school are important if teaching and learning time is to be maximised and pupils are to get the most they can out of their time at school.  Here at Rokeby Park Primary School we are working extremely hard to ensure attendance and punctuality is good and that pupils understand the importance of attending school and being punctual.  We believe that having a positive attitude towards attendance and punctuality is an important life skill.

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Celebration of Attendance

This year our attendance target is 96.1%.  Each term all pupils with 100% attendance are entered into the attendance prize draw with the chance of winning a fantastic prize.  At the end of the academic year all children who have achieved 100% attendance are awarded for this fantastic achievement.

Thanks go to all our families for ensuring that our pupils attend school every day and for not taking children out of school for holidays and appointments. Please note the school will not authorise absence for any holidays taken during term time.

Illness – Reporting your child’s absence

If your child is ill and absent from school, please inform us before 9.15 am of the reasons for the absence. For safeguarding reasons, we keep careful records of attendance. If you do not contact the school regarding your child’s absence the school office will contact you to discuss the reason for the absence.  Please be aware that if your child is absent for medical reasons, we will require evidence of the illness/absence according to LA and school policy (see our attendance policy on our policies page).

Common Diseases and the Minimum Periods of Exclusion

Chicken Pox – 5 days from onset of rash.
Rubella – 6 days from onset of rash.
Measles – 4 days from onset of rash.
Mumps – 5 days from onset of swelling.
Diarrhoea and/or vomiting – 48 hours from last episode of diarrhoea and/or vomiting.
Slapped cheek – none.
Hand, foot and mouth – none.
Conjunctivitis – none.

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'All school trips are amazing, especially Robinwood.'

Pupil testimonials

‘I’ve really enjoyed the hard work we have been given in maths.’

Pupil testimonials

‘Maths is my favourite subject because I enjoy the challenges we are set.'

Pupil testimonials

‘I’ve enjoyed all the learning I’ve done in school and I’ve made lots of brilliant friends.'

Pupil testimonials

‘started here in Year 5 and I’ve enjoyed everything at Rokeby Park Primary – it’s the best.'

Pupil testimonials

‘I love English because it brings my imagination to life'

Pupil testimonials

‘My best memory was when it was Rokeby's got talent and at the end the teachers all got up and danced'

Pupil testimonials

‘Being here for 5 years (almost my whole life) makes me feel special its almost like home'

Pupil testimonials